The Perfect Tomato Sandwich

tomato sandwich

Tomatoes are upon us.  It is that wonderful time in the summer season when ripe tomatoes are so plentiful that they are falling off the vine.  I am busy making tomato sauce and freezing bags of whole tomatoes so I can make during the winter months .

Shelly loves walking through the tomato patch and picking them right off the vine to eat as he’s standing there.  Sometimes he even carries a salt shaker in this pocket.  But for me the finest way to eat a ripe ‘mater is to dress it up in a sandwich.  This requires good bread, high quality mayo, sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.  Sure lettuce and bacon are a treat but really they are beside the point.  It’s all about the vine ripe summer tomato.

I never look at a tomato any other time of the year.  Any type grown in a hothouse in Florida or California just doesn’t cut it.  But now it is dress like a celebrity season and I can’t enough of the perfect tomato sandwich!

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